STRANDS: a collaboration

On October 7th, I performed a public meditative piece called “Strands” with two other female Asian artists Amabelle Aguiluz and Joy Wu Shuang in Helms Design Center, Culver City, LA.

STRANDS is juxtaposing the idea of Feminism and Femininity. We are a group of independent female creatives who are trying to innovate within the ancient crafts that are traditionally weaved into domestic identities, shifting the art-making space from domestic to public.

Strands promo from Joy on Vimeo.



Amabelle Aguiluz, Artist is a Filipino-American fiber artist with extensive background in clothing design, Joy Wu is a masterful Chinese dulcimer player trained in Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing who also plays the electric bass, and Si Jie Loo is a Malaysian Chinese visual artist who dives into the spirit of ancient China to contemplate modernity.