Artist bio: Si Jie Loo

Si Jie Loo (b.1987) is a multi-disciplinary artist who is interested in capturing the spirit of humanity, primarily with Chinese Ink. She received her BA from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA with an honors in Studio Art and has since exhibited in both US and Malaysia.

Si Jie’s ongoing exploration of Chinese Ink as her painting medium stemmed from her study with renowned Malaysian artist Dr. Cheah Thien Song upon receiving the prestigious Brooks Fellowship from Dartmouth College in 2014.

As an artist in the diaspora, she is constantly on the move between places, cultures, music genres and languages. She inks down captivating people, musicians, dancers and nature during her travels, most recently the Tibetan plateau and the Silk Road in Northeast China. She calls this body of work INKounters and further develops larger abstract paintings that convey that essence in another series INKnovations.

Early 2016, Si Jie illustrated and published the novela “Holding Demons in Small Jars”. She has just completed an art residency at Rimbun Dahan, Kuang, Malaysia and is excited to return to her studio in Santa Barbara for 2017.